This concert and presentation is aimed at university-level (both under- and postgraduate) composition students and will be based around some key works for the instrument over the past fifty years, featuring works by Xenakis, Berio, Scelsi, Svoboda and Kumpf. These pieces will lead to a discussion of technical aspects of writing for the trombone, as well as showcasing effects and timbral possibilities that young composers may not previously have been aware of. These techniques will be presented in a musical context, and their limits and notation also briefly explained. The presentation will be as concise as possible in order to give the students a chance to see what is possible without being overwhelmed with too much technical information, or without becoming bored by an abstract discussion of trombone technique. A hand-out will also be sent or distributed to the students, going into more detail on key points that they may use in their compositions. In consultation with the institution, a workshop or project could be a next step – working with the composers to create their own pieces and to iron out any technical issues that may arise.